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In A Moment of Weakness

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We all find ourselves at a point


of Weakness. When I say weakness,  remember I never refer to us as weak, I speak,  of the point in our life where we may feel depressed,  low,  scared,  unsure of what is going on, where we are headed.  Maybe it is a personal relationship that is causing fear,  hurt,  frustration, depression.

There is no shame in those feelings.  We are going to rise and fall. It could be our path.  It could happen because we weren’t balanced. But as long as you get back up every time you fall that’s all that matters. You learn your lesson.

I know all these emotions can be strong.  Fear,  depression.  Feel like they can keep you down.  There is no way out.  It is so heavy.  But- there IS something stronger.  The Spirit that is YOU.  The Spirit that created you.  That you are a part of. 
I know while the emotions are flowing through you it’s hard to imagine or see what I am saying. … That’s why I want you to sit back and look at the sky.  Look at it.  For real.  And appreciate it.  Feel it.  I want it to make you cry.  I want you to look at trees,  wild animals,  a river and appreciate the creation of them. Release it.

Once you have done that. . I want you to look at yourself.  Appreciate the creation of yourself.  You are a part of all creation.  A part of all that beauty. Release your fears to the wind. If you are scared of something, voice it where needed and be done with the heaviness of it. And SEE !! Continue reading

Connect Your Chakra’s, With A Life Coach

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The moment you start with finding your balance you have begun your journey upwards into your connection to higher consciousness.
Spiritual life coaching sessions: by phone,  text,  messenger,  fb, person. .
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Clear The Negative From Your Home

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Angel Card Reading for today March 31

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Card: King of Air


Speak your mind with confidence. Seek out professional advice. Balance mental and emotional considerations.

You may receive valuable advice from an intelligent professional. It’s important that your decisions be fair and equitable to all involved.
Speak ur mind. Be confident.

Attracting Your Path, quote from book

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What you think, is…. What you speak, is…. What you put forth in action, is. If you are not acting in accordance with the spirit, you will attract the wrong path for your life. Let me say this again, if you thought it, it is already. Because what we think is what creates. You put together your atoms around you. Thereby creating the world you live in, your thought is an action. Everything is energy, everything you put together in your head is the energy that you live in, thereby creating positive or negative results.

Book out soon, for more contact me and watch for the book…also dvd instructional videos on how to properly EFT and use mind release coming soon…..

Each piece I put out here for you is a small bit that is within the binds of Inspired Expression, healing with EFT and Mind Release. I hope you find it helps you in some area of your life. Please feel free to contact me for one on one sessions…

Card Readings

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Buddha and Angel card readings …

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