Angel Card Reading for today March 31

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Card: King of Air


Speak your mind with confidence. Seek out professional advice. Balance mental and emotional considerations.

You may receive valuable advice from an intelligent professional. It’s important that your decisions be fair and equitable to all involved.
Speak ur mind. Be confident.

Attracting Your Path, quote from book

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What you think, is…. What you speak, is…. What you put forth in action, is. If you are not acting in accordance with the spirit, you will attract the wrong path for your life. Let me say this again, if you thought it, it is already. Because what we think is what creates. You put together your atoms around you. Thereby creating the world you live in, your thought is an action. Everything is energy, everything you put together in your head is the energy that you live in, thereby creating positive or negative results.

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Each piece I put out here for you is a small bit that is within the binds of Inspired Expression, healing with EFT and Mind Release. I hope you find it helps you in some area of your life. Please feel free to contact me for one on one sessions…

Card Readings

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Buddha and Angel card readings …

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Dharma Card Readings ..Now Available

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Raise your in the highest spiritual you..

The mind and age

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Quick post here… How old does your mind say you are?? Age is a number but if you allow yourself to think of how ‘old’ you are and because of that age you believe that you are to look or act a certain way.. You’re going to age a lot faster… Stay young, healthy..allow yourself to be young…. How old do you think I am??? Hmm, what will you come up with, I wonder. :)

Mind Release Technique

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Mind Release

A Simple Technique To Clear Your Mind and Expand Your Spirit

From birth we are filled and attacked with negative. Whether it be speech, behaviour or feelings, we learn that it just is. It is acceptable to be afraid, to feel angry, to feel sick, to have a bad day. By time we reach adulthood it is common speech and thought to start the day with negative.
How many times have we woke up in the morning and said, “this is going to be a bad day, I can already tell?” or, “I woke on the wrong side of the bed!”. Well, guess what?! Because you said it is going to be a bad day, it is. And who determines which side of the bed is the wrong side?

One day, we come to a point where we want better for our lives. We want to feel good, we want to be happy, we want things to go right for us, we don’t want to feel depression anymore, or be afraid of life and circumstances. The problem is how it is done. Most want that change, they just don’t know how to go about it. Where that change is going to happen and how is determined on the individual.
No change can happen until one realizes that what is, is. That they are the creator of their Universe, the negative in their life is a product of their own mind. That they have chosen to live in the illusion of
separation from the moment they took breath. The goal now, is to become One again, to release your mind of the negative vibrations that flow so easily and freely and continue growing and learning and being grateful for each learning lesson in this life cycle.

Example of How Mind Release Works

First I will give an exercise for feeling ill, working with the belief that you feel ill.

I release the belief that I am capable of feeling sick, maintaining any positive lessons I may have learned for my health and benefit, thank you

repeat 3x’s

You have to believe that you are created by a perfect creator in his image. Therefore, why would you experience illness, headaches, pains, when you are perfect? You must also be able to realize that you are the creator of your life and all that is in it. If you are having a bad day, it is of your doing, you believe that you can have a bad day, if you have a headache, you allowed yourself to believe that you could. Now, it is up to you to change your mind and believe in the perfection that is meant to be you.

Second, I will give an exercise on releasing negative emotions.

I release the negative emotion of fear and the reasoning, maintaining any positive lessons I may have learned for my health and benefit, thank you

repeat 3 x’s

Once again, you have to belief that you have been created in a perfect creators image. To truly get yourself to that belief you can mind release yourself there. Just by saying that you release the belief that you are anything but perfect…..

Our minds are incredible things that will create anything that is thought upon. We have to watch our thoughts for that purpose. Retraining your mind is the most important thing you can do in your life, because, well, once again, your mind creates that life. If you want to be happy and joyous, if you want to live in peace and harmony, as one with the Universe, you must retrain your mind and then watch your thoughts to not let negative circumstances affect your world. This can not be said enough.

Rhonda Baumgardner
Spirit Guide, Healer and Author

Illusions The Mind Follows

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Our minds are so powerful. They have the power to create. What’s more powerful than the ability of creation?
Unfortunately we live in a world where we are surrounded by negative energy. We get sucked into it like it’s the black hole with a vacuum suck, then we are stuck there living in the illusion that life sucks and nothing goes right..or it is what it is. We go day to day living in the illusion that this is life.
The more you live it and believe in it, the more of it you create. The illusion grows and the things people like me talk about are crazy and/or hard to do.
I just have the knowing that I don’t have to be a part of the illusion and that I come from a perfect creator who created me in his image and my mind can create anything I want in this life.

We don’t have to live in the illusions. We do not have to be a part of the negative energy that is a part of the world. We can create peace and joy and abundance in our lives with just a single simple thought.

It is easy to change your thought process. By using EFT and Mind Release daily you can change the vibrations in your life.


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